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Anaerobic Digestion

Our cutting-edge anaerobic digestion equipment solutions  are where innovation meets sustainability. Discover a comprehensive range of advanced systems designed to harness the power of anaerobic

Open Gas Flares

Eneraque offers the turn-key design, manufacturing, assembly, factory testing, delivery, installation and commissioning of portable gas gas flares for the oil, gas and CSM Industry.

Landfill Gas Flares

INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE OF LANDFILL GAS FLARES When waste is stored in landfill sites, micro-organisms break down the waste material causing gas to be released.

Industrial Gas Flares

SUPERIOR SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR GAS FLARE INSTALLATIONS Industrial gases are rated process gases, wood gases and vapours from petrochemical processing and are notoriously difficult to

Coal Mine Gas Flares

Expert Solutions For Your Coal Mine Gas Flare Installations & Maintenance Gas drainage is a key process in mining coal. Eneraque offers site specific sized gas

Biogas Flares

Biogas flares are used to convert waste gases such as those produced from sewerage sludge treatment or from the fermentation processing of biomass (a renewable

Biogas Conditioning

The biological removal of H2S from biogas, creating clean, green renewable fuel. Throughout the world there is an increasing focus on protecting the environment and

Rockhampton Hospital Diesel Generator Fuel System - Eneraque

Diesel Fuel Systems

When you have diesel generators and want to run them for longer than a few hours, or have the ability to remotely fill the tank,

Landfill Gas Generators by Eneraque

Landfill Gas Generators

Eneraque delivers state-of-the-art landfill gas utilisation. As leading providers and system integration experts, we’ll handle the entire process — so you get a complete gas-to-energy

Full-Service Open Set Diesel Generators by Eneraque

Open Set Diesel Generators

For reliable backup power installations within a building, Eneraque Open Set Diesel Generators are recognised for long life and strong after-purchase support, engineered to the

Eneraque Hybrid Generators

Hybrid Generators

Eneraque’s range of Hybrid Generators are compatible with a range of renewable energy sources. When you need to integrate diesel or gas generators with a

Gas Generators

Remote Area Power Generation Solutions

Hybrid Energy Solutions for Reliable Remote Power Generation. Hybrid solutions for remote power generation offer several benefits: Reliability: By combining different power sources such as

Gas Trigeneration

The gas trigeneration process produces energy in the form of power, heat, and cooling from a single fuel source (or from solar energy). Eneraque offers

Gas Cogeneration - Heat and Energy Production

Gas Cogeneration

Eneraque offers turnkey Gas Cogeneration solutions to sites where there is a significant and extended demand for both heat and power. Such sites can benefit

Eneraque Mining Diesel Generator

Mining Diesel Generator

Looking for a reliable, cost-effective, and specification compliant generator for your mining site? Look no further than an Eneraque Mining Diesel Generator range. Available in

Biogas Generators - Eneraque

Biogas Generator

Eneraque Renewables delivers state-of-the-art biogas generator and use of waste gas. As leading providers and system integration experts, we’ll handle the entire process — so

Eneraque Gas Generators - Custom Landfill Gas Generators

Custom Built Gas Generator Solutions

Eneraque specialises in custom-built high-quality gas generators and turnkey power generation solutions to suit your requirements, exceeding your power source expectations.   From 10kva to

Eneraque Diesel Generators - Cummins Powered Option

Custom Built Diesel Generators

Eneraque specialises in custom-built high quality diesel generators and turnkey power generation solutions to suit your requirements, exceeding your power source expectations. From 10kva to 4000kva, Eneraque

Silenced Diesel Generators by Eneraque

Silenced Diesel Generator

Suited for outdoor installations, the Silenced Diesel Generators are recognised for reliability, long life and strong service support from our engineers at Eneraque.  Eneraque silenced

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