Gas Engine Top End Overhauls: Improve Your Engine’s Performance and Extend its Life

If your gas engine has been experiencing a loss of power, increased fuel consumption, or excessive oil consumption, it may be time for a top end overhaul. This process involves the removal and inspection of the engine’s cylinder head and other top-end components, such as valves, valve guides, and camshafts. By replacing worn or damaged parts and making necessary adjustments, a top end overhaul can improve your engine’s performance and extend its life.

Our Gas Engine Top End Overhaul Services.

At Eneraque, we offer comprehensive gas engine top end overhaul services to ensure your engine runs at its best. Our experienced technicians will inspect all top-end components to identify any issues that may be affecting your engine’s performance. Our services include:

Cylinder Head Inspection and Repair

Our technicians will remove the cylinder head and inspect it for damage or wear. We will then perform any necessary repairs, such as valve seat replacement, valve guide replacement, or surface milling, to ensure optimal performance.

Valve Replacement

Worn or damaged valves can cause decreased engine power and increased fuel consumption. We will inspect your valves and replace any that are worn or damaged with high-quality OEM parts.

Camshaft Inspection and Replacement

Camshafts can wear out over time, causing issues with valve timing and engine performance. Our technicians will inspect your camshaft and replace it if necessary to ensure proper engine operation.

Gasket Replacement

A top end overhaul involves the removal of many gaskets, including the head gasket, valve cover gasket, and intake manifold gasket. Our technicians will replace these gaskets with high-quality OEM parts to prevent leaks and ensure proper engine function.

Precision Assembly

Our technicians will reassemble your engine with precision to ensure all components are properly installed and adjusted. We will also perform any necessary timing adjustments to ensure optimal engine performance.

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