Eneraque Renewables.

We believe in the power of renewable gas to help us reach our Net Zero ambitions and to create a more sustainable future, while turning waste into a profitable resource.

Our world’s best practice renewable technology includes biogas storage, flaring, scrubbing & polishing, right through to biogas upgrading, CO2 liquefaction, BIO-CO2, biogas to hydrogen and advanced decarbonisaton solutions.

One Team for Biogas.

With a full suite of services in house, we can manage your project from idea to operations and maintenance. Our experienced team of Consultants, Engineers, Draftsmen and in house manufacturing capability make us the Asia Pacific’s most experienced biogas experts. 

Our Solutions.

Decarbonise your business and manage your waste with our "Idea to Site" turnkey capability.

Anaerobic Digestion.

Discover a comprehensive range of advanced systems designed to harness the power of anaerobic digestion and transform organic waste into a valuable resource.

Biogas CHP.

This stands for Combined Heat and Power, which involves the simultaneous generation of electricity and useful heat from biogas in a single process - a highly efficient energy production method that maximises biogas usage.

Gas Management.

We specialise in the design, implementation, and optimisation of gas management systems tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients across a wide range of industries. Let us optimise your gas performance.

Biogas Upgrading.

Eneraque’s Biogas Upgrading Systems offer an impressive 99.5% Methane recovery and 97% operational availability. Upgrade from Biogas to Grid with efficiency and simplicity.

Why Partner With Us.

Leaders in the Asia Pacific.

From our offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and Auckland we have successfully delivered hundreds of projects worldwide.

Australian Manufacturing.

Our turn key, containerised solutions are built & pre-tested in our Brisbane manufacturing and maintenance hub and shipped directly to your site. We specialise in ensuring solutions are built to local compliance requirements and conditions.

One Project Partner.

Our in house team includes highly skilled and experienced Project Managers, Engineers, Draftpersons and Consultants to provide a full suite service to our project partners. It means one point of contact and smoother delivery.

Driving to Net Zero.

Our modern energy solutions drive more efficient, sustainable outcomes for all of our partners, with a focus on energy savings and reducing your businesses' carbon footprint.

Turnkey Solutions.

  • Pre-Feasibility Studies
  • Biogas Upgrading Plants
  • Biogas power generation
  • Anaerobic Digestion
  • Biogas Scrubbing & Polishing
  • Biogas Flaring
  • EnerSphere © Biogas Storage
  • CO2 liquefaction
  • Bio-CO2
  • Digestate Management 

Our Projects.

More than 40 years of Waste to Energy experience underpins our pioneering work in the Renewables industry. This includes being the equipment provider for Australia and New Zealand’s first biogas to grid projects. 

Get started with one of our Project Questionnaires.

Whether you’re researching, in pre-feasibility stage or shovel ready, our no obligation project questionnaires will help you explore the next step for your biogas project, fill out the relevant form below. 

Project Questionnaire - Biogas projects where an Anaerobic Digestion component is required.

Have a potential feedstock and looking to develop a feedstock to biogas solution? This project questionnaire will help us develop a solution for your project.

Project Questionnaire - Biogas Projects without Anaerobic Digestion component.

For operations looking to upgrade or add on biogas plant equipment and technologies where the biogas is already being produced, use this questionnaire.

Ready to reach your energy goals?

Backed by more than 40 years' experience, our specialist energy team are here to power your project forward.