For more than 40 years, a passion for innovation has driven us to continually redefine energy solutions in the Asia Pacific. As we move towards our energy future, our pioneering spirit underpins our commitment to deliver low carbon energy solutions through our business divisions Eneraque Energy and Eneraque Renewables. Join us on our journey.

Eneraque Renewables® formalises more than 40 years of experience with renewable energy solutions for Eneraque®. We believe in the power of renewable gas to help us reach our Net Zero ambitions. We specialise in full EPCM of biogas and biomethane injection plants and equipment in Australasia.

Save critical time with one team. Fast tracked solutions – our state of the art workshop facility and long established industry partnerships enable us to quickly perform full engine, alternator, and auxiliary component overhauls, as well as complete equipment overhauls and rebuilds. Brand independent – Unlike the others, we’re not wedded to one brand – so you’ll receive a purpose built solution and you can choose between genuine or non-genuine parts. We do it all – From a single repair to complete operations and maintenance, on all of your equipment, regardless of where you originally purchased it from.


Eneraque were approached by one of Australia’s leading mega-dairies to provide a bespoke, turn-key system to convert on-farm waste to energy. This project harnessed the energy value of cow manure to generate electricity, providing the farm with 100% of it’s energy needs while handling on-farm waste disposal.

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⚡ Waste to energy? Our Australian made technology has already converted tens of thousands of tons of waste into clean, usable energy.

Our powerful waste gas to energy systems are capable of producing clean, efficient power for multiple clients across the Asia Pacific. Find out more.


Power “out here”? When your conditions are harsh, vast and hard to predict, you need an energy specialist who knows their ‘outbacks’ from their ‘where on earth is that’s?’.

We have state of the art energy and power solutions for those ‘hard to find’ places on the map. It starts with careful planning, supported by equipment built to handle the (extra) great outdoors.


Eneraque manufactured and installed a complete biogas system for a Wastewater Treatment Plant in Wollongong, NSW.


This state of the art landfill gas to energy system is capable of generating 1.5MW of power from landfill gas and incorporates a biological scrubbing and dehumidification plant to provide a complete renewable energy source.


Eneraque’s Australian made Biogas Upgrading System turns waste gas into high quality biomethane that can be used in thousands of homes.