Biogas Upgrading.

Upgrade from biogas to grid with efficiency and simplicity. Eneraque’s Biogas Upgrading Systems offer an impressive 99.5% Methane recovery and 97% operational availability.  As the EPC contractor for both Australia and New Zealand’s first waste gas to main grid biogas to biomethane upgrading projects, we have the practical knowledge and experience for you to reach your renewable gas ambitions.  Made in Brisbane and built for compliance in Australia and New Zealand, our biomethane technologies yield commercial outcomes for our clients across the landfill, wastewater, stormwater, FOGO and agricultural sectors. 

What is Biogas Upgrading?

Biogas plants primarily function by breaking down organic materials such as agricultural waste, food scraps, manure, and sewage in an oxygen-free environment through a process called anaerobic digestion. This decomposition produces biogas—a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide—alongside nutrient-rich biofertilisers. Biogas upgrading refers to the processing of raw biogas to remove any impurities and moisture, to transform it into high-quality biomethane that meets the stringent gas specification requirements stipulated by the gird infrastructure provider. This purified gas is then blended into the gas grid network.

Biomethane is a clean form of biogas consisting of > 98% methane.

The Upgrading Process.

From waste to clean, usable energy.


The raw biogas enters the plant, is cooled and dehumidified, before removing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) and Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) through the use of activated carbon filters.


Pre-treated biogas is compressed to the required pressure for the final upgrading process. This process ensures consistent supply and distribution of renewable biogmethane alongside conventional natural gas, promoting a more sustainable energy mix.

Upgrading - from Biogas to Biomethane.

The upgrading section of the plant can consist of a 2 or 3 stage membrane system, whereby CO2 and biomethane are separated into concentrated gas streams for final processing. Biomethane is then purified to network quality and CO2 is reprocessed for maximum biomethane recovery. Depending on the application, CO2 can be recovered for industrial users.

Grid Injection

Once the biomethane reaches the desired specification, it is blended with natural gas within the gas network. This process occurs seamlessly with minimal downtime and consistent monitoring by an intelligent control system, ensuring the safe, continuous and uninterrupted plant operation.

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Our Projects.

More than 40 years of Waste to Energy experience underpins our pioneering work in the Renewables industry. This includes being the equipment provider for Australia and New Zealand’s first biogas to grid projects. 

Leaders in APAC.

Our behind the meter waste to energy experience spans three decades – on the ground knowledge that made us the choice for the APAC region’s pioneering grid injection projects. 

Eneraque is experienced in managing biogas produced from most forms of biomass feedstock. It’s why our reliable biogas pre-treatment solutions ensure the correct biogas specification is achieved, before upgrading.

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