Biogas Upgrading

Eneraque’s proven membrane technology achieves more than 97% operational availability.

The Biogas Upgrading System is easily integrated with a biogas plant, providing a refined, efficient method of gas cleaning, a robust design, an advanced patented control system and the assurance of 24/7 service support.

Eneraque’s advanced design and patented control system facilitate the injection of specification compliant biomethane to grid within a few minutes of start-up. Depending on your application, the Eneraque’s Biogas Upgrading systems can output gas to be used as transport fuel (CNG). Many other technologies in this space are subject to Methane loss and operational inconvenience as a result of slow start-up times, a factor which is of little concern when operating an Eneraque system. Reduce downtime and energy loss, maximise output and efficiency.

Eneraque’s Biogas Upgrading Systems offer an impressive 99.5% Methane recovery, minimal electricity consumption (0.22 kWh/Nm3 biogas) and require no thermal assistance (Heat) to keep the biogas upgrading process moving forward. An intuitive heat recovery unit (> 0.25 kWt/Nm3 biogas) covers the main energy consumption of the biogas facility.

Designed to be both high quality and competitively priced, Eneraque’s Biogas Upgrading Systems are value-engineered to provide the most economical solution.

The provision to integrate CO2 recovery units into both the 2 and 3 stage membrane systems allows for the option to efficiently separate and liquefy CO2 with minimal energy consumption, much lower than conventional systems.

Eneraque’s process alleviates the need for chemicals and therefore eliminates the acid water/chemical disposal headaches and unforeseen costs associated with other more traditional systems.

Eneraque is experienced in managing biogas produced from most forms of biomass feedstock, including municipal sludges and wastes. Based on this experience, reliable biogas pre-treatment solutions can be offered to ensure the correct biogas specification is achieved before upgrading.

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Within the membrane unit, the gas is separated by means of a pressure differential on either side of the membrane. Two (2) gas streams are obtained from the plant; a product gas (pipeline quality Biomethane or CNG) and a CO2-rich gas. As a result of the highly selective membranes, the highest possible Methane yield can be achieved and depending on the application, the gas can be upgraded to the preferred Methane Value.


Draw revenue or run your fleet, the Eneraque Biogas Upgrading Systems are capable on injecting pipeline quality gas into the national gas grid or producing CNG/LNG for use as vehicle fuel. In both applications the patented 3 stage separation process ensures that the gas meets all quality requirements. The residual heat and the CO2 can also be utilised.

An Intelligent Process.

Moving through the various stages of biogas upgrading, the biogas is ultimately transformed into LNG/CNG, pipeline quality gas and liquid CO2.

Eneraque Biogas Upgrading Process