An Australian first. Paving the way for a more sustainable future With Biogas.

Want to see how we’re paving the way for a more sustainable future?
Eneraque Renewables’ state of the art Biogas Upgrading System turns waste gas into high quality biomethane that can be used for cooking, heating and hot water for thousands of homes.

When complete, the Malabar Biomethane Project is predicted to reduce carbon emissions by as much as 5000 tonnes per year, equivalent to taking nearly 4000 cars off the road.

This Australian first biomethane upgrader is sized for 1100Nm3/hr of biogas to the inlet prior to separating the CO2 and CH4 with a patented 3-stage membrane system.
This project was designed, engineered and built by Eneraque Renewables for Sydney Water’s Malabar Biomethane Project

It involves upgrading biogas (1,100 Nm3/hour) produced by existing anaerobic digestion infrastructure at Malabar WWTP to Biomethane, a renewable pipeline compliant gas. The Biomethane is then injected into the Jemena Gas Network for distribution to thousands of Sydney homes where it is to be used for cooking, heating and hot water.


Developed from many years of successful application across Europe, Asia and the USA, the plant is easily integrated with anaerobic digesters and provides a refined, efficient method of processing raw biogas into useable biomethane. The robust design features an advanced patented control system, continuous process monitoring, remote operation and 24/7 support. The Malabar plant will upgrade raw biogas from the anaerobic digestion process at Sydney Water’s Malabar Waste Water Treatment Plant to high quality biomethane that meets stringent gas specification requirements prior to blending into the Jemena Gas Network.

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This biomethane project is initiated by Jemena and Sydney Water with the support and funding from ARENA (Australian Renewable Energy Agency) as part of ARENA’s Advancing Renewables Program and will be realised by Eneraque Renewables in collaboration with Jemena.