Harnessing the Power of Waste Water: Our Experience.

🌱Eneraque Renewables is Leading the Charge in Biogas Solutions for Wastewater Treatment Plants 🌱

Over 40 years of experience and innovation in developing cutting-edge biogas solutions for wastewater treatment plants means that we’ve been integral in revolutionising how we manage wastewater while harnessing renewable energy. Eneraque Renewables are Australia and New Zealand’s leading EPC contractor for biogas projects – one project partner that can support your wastewater to energy goals – from planning and feasibility, through to design & engineering, manufacturing in our Brisbane hub, installation and ongoing operations and maintenance. 

Here’s just a snapshot of some of the projects we’ve delivered:

🌱 Jemena’s Malabar Biomethane Upgrading Plant (colocated with Sydney Water’s Malabar Resource Recovery Plant) – Biogas Upgrading Unit (sized for 1100Nm3/hr of biogas to the inlet prior to separating the CO2 and CH4 with a patented 3-stage membrane technology from our partners, Evonik.), Enersphere™ gas storage dome. 

🌱 Sydney Water’s Wollongong Water Resource Recovery Facility  – 2 x Enersphere™ gas storage domes 

🌱 Sydney Water’s St Mary’s Water Recycling Plant  –  2 x Enersphere™ gas storage domes 

🌱 Melbourne Water – Western Treatment Plant – 2 x 1.25 MW Biological gas scrubbing system

🌱 Goulburn Valley Water – Tatura Wastewater Treatment Plant – 1 x 1 MW Biological gas scrubbing system

🌱 Goulburn Valley Water – Shepparton Wastewater Treatment Plant – 1 x 1 MW Biological gas scrubbing system

🌱 SA Water – Christies Beach Wastewater Treatment Plant – High and low temperature gas flares, Biological gas scrubbing system 

Our team’s extensive experience has enabled us to develop tailored biogas solutions that not only optimise wastewater treatment processes but also generate renewable energy in the form of biogas. 💡 From conceptualisation to implementation, we provide turn key system that yields superior results, ensuring that each solution meets the unique needs and challenges of our clients.

With the increasing emphasis on sustainability and renewable energy, our biogas solutions offer a win-win solution for wastewater treatment plants. 🌍 By converting wastewater into biogas, we not only reduce environmental impact but also provide an alternative source of clean energy for communities.