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Press Release: Eneraque pioneers Australian Biogas-to-Grid infrastructure: Transforming waste gas into household energy in an Australian first.

by Heather Millar on June 2, 2021

As an Australian owned and operated clean energy infrastructure and equipment provider, Eneraque is pleased to announce its partnership with Jemena on the delivery of Sydney Water’s Malabar Biomethane Project.

With expected completion residing in 2022, this Biomethane Gas Grid Injection project is claimed to be the first of its kind on Australian soil, with a host of environmental and economic benefits.

The process involves upgrading biogas (1,100 Nm3/hour) produced by existing anaerobic digestion infrastructure at Malabar WWTP to Biomethane, a renewable pipeline compliant gas. The Biomethane is then injected into the Jemena Gas Network for distribution to thousands of Sydney homes where it is to be used for cooking, heating and hot water.

“This is an incredibly exciting step forward for Australia in the renewable energy space – as a locally owned and run business, this is an area we are quite passionate about,” notes Jeremy Pringle – Director at Eneraque and adds “Partnering with Jemena to deliver a clever waste-to-energy solution for Sydney Water, is a very positive step in paving the way to a greener future in Australia.”

Biogas from Sydney Water will be purified to biomethane for grid distribution through the integration of proven Dutch technology, developed in conjunction with Eneraque’s equipment partner, Bright Biomethane. “This is a great development of biomethane production and deployment in Australia… We are proud to bring our Dutch technology now to Australia in an excellent collaboration with Eneraque.” Says Jeffery Kruit – Area Sales Engineer for Bright Biomethane.

This biomethane project is initiated by Jemena and Sydney Water with the support and funding from ARENA (Australian Renewable Energy Agency) as part of ARENA’s Advancing Renewables Program and will be realized by Eneraque in collaboration with Jemena and Bright Biomethane.


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Malabar Biomethane Project – Eneraque Press Release

Eneraque Biogas Upgrader – Malabar Biomethane

Notes: Eneraque is an Australian owned and run power generation and renewable energy equipment manufacturer and solutions provider.