In The Press: Eneraque Renewables talks Anaerobic Digestion to Waste Management Review

The Anaerobic Digestion landscape in Australia is set to change rapidly over the next 10 years, as farmers, producers and utilities become more aware of the myriad benefits of AD. 


Eneraque Renewables’ CMO, Heather Millar, talked to Waste Management Review this month to discuss the relatively untapped potential of Anaerobic Digestion in Australia.

Anaerobic digestion is a climate solution that plays a crucial role in Australia’s waste management and renewable energy production, says Heather Millar, Chief Marketing Officer of Eneraque Renewables.

Farmers are increasingly adopting anaerobic digestion to manage agricultural waste such as manure and crop residue. Landfill sites, wastewater treatment plants and organic waste facilities are all candidates for anaerobic digestion technologies, producing biogas and nutrient-rich by-products. 

“Waste-to-energy projects using anaerobic digestion are gaining traction in Australia,” Heather says. 

“By converting organic waste into energy, these projects contribute to a sustainable energy mix while addressing waste management challenges.”


Along with waste management benefits, Anaerobic Digestion can present commercial opportunities, such as transforming digestate into biofertiliser. 


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