Coal Mine Gas Flares

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Gas drainage is a key process in mining coal. Eneraque offers site specific sized gas flares for coalmines for the extraction of the gas from active or exhausted mines. Once extracted, the gas can be re used in a closely controlled manner – improving mine safety and making gas available as a highly economical fuel source to generate electricity.

 Gas Flares Features / Benefits

  • Efficient combustion of methane gas within the defined operation range
  • Automatic control
  • Controlled and concealed combustion
  • Combustion temperature 1,000 – 1,200°C
  • Residence time more than 0.3s
  • Insulated combustion chamber with coated ceramic fibre insulation
  • High safety standard, fulfilling the latest ATEX standards


Creating a safe working environment and reducing the carbon footprint are the key reasons for pre-draining gas from coal prior to mining. Gas that isn’t drained and captured must be burnt at a flaring facility, ensuring a reduction in the CO² foot print by 21 times compared to free venting. Eneraque’s coalmine gas flares installed in major sites across Australasia are full enclosed type flares with emissions complying with the H16/-3T global emissions standards.

  Environmental Benefits

  • Low noise
  • Low emission
  • Low risk for surrounding environment including grass fires etc
  • Low visual impact

Eneraque has the capability of designing, commissioning, installing and providing the ongoing support for up to 10,000 m3/hr. coalmine gas flaring facility. These coalmine specific gas flares burn off pre-drainage gas from underground coal mines and produce a gas quality in the vicinity of 90 – 98% CH4.

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Gas Flow Rate – Nm3/h 300 – 7000 Nm3/h
Burner Capacity up to 32,000kW
Initial Gas Pressure 8-15kPA
Blower Pressure Rise max
Methane Concentration 20-94%
Combustion Temperature 1000 – 1200°C
Residence Time ˃ 0.3s
Turn Down Ratio 1:5 / 1:10
Sound Pressure under Full load ˂69dB(A)

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