gas trigen
gas trigen

Gas Trigeneration

The tri-generation process produces energy in the form of power, heat, and cooling from a single fuel source (or from solar energy).

Eneraque offers turnkey solutions to sites where there is a significant and extended demand for power, heating, and cooling. Such sites can benefit extensively from tri-generation systems.

Our systems are fuelled by natural gas and characterised by extremely high levels of efficiency.


What makes Eneraque trigeneration systems unique?

Their innovative engineering and design means that they:

  • Take full advantage of waste energy from gas-fired generators,
  • Operate at maximum energy efficiency, and
  • Can be cost-effectively integrated into both new and existing commercial developments.

Custom-built systems can be designed, manufactured, assembled, and installed to suit any development including:

  • Individual office developments,
  • Groups of buildings serviced by one central plant,
  • 24-hour, seven-day-per-week operations (such as data centres, or airport terminals), and
  • Larger precincts that encompass small townships.


The benefits of Eneraque tri-generation systems

Some key benefits of Energen Solutions’ trigeneration systems include:

  • Lower CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions,
  • Operating cost reductions,
  • Reduced water use, and
  • Decentralised electricity generation.
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