Gas Cogeneration

Eneraque offers turnkey solutions to sites where there is a significant and extended demand for both heat and power.

Such sites can benefit extensively from cogeneration or combined heat and power (CHP) systems.

Cogeneration, or CHP, comprises the highly efficient, simultaneous production of two forms of energy — electricity and thermal energy — from a single fuel source. Energy recovered from the cogeneration unit is used to provide process heating in the form of either hot water or steam. This is a saving by eliminating the need for additional investments in fuel to power boiler plants.


Established cogeneration solutions include:

  • Reciprocating gas engines
  • Diesel engines
  • Gas micro-turbines
  • Steam turbines


The benefits of cogeneration

Some key benefits of cogeneration include:

  • Single fuel source to supply both power and thermal site energy
  • Greatly increased fuel efficiency
  • Single cost reductions
  • Significant greenhouse gas reductions
  • Capital costs payback in approximately 3 years
  • Generator can be located close to where the energy is required
  • Long-term energy savings depend on cost of alternative energy sources.


In addition to purpose built, site-specific cogeneration plants, Eneraque has a range of standard CHP packages — known as ThermoGen™


What distinguishes ThermoGenTM from other CHP systems?

  • Guaranteed fixed maintenance costs
  • Compact package design.
  • Efficiency guaranteed for life.
  • Power-cut-proof — replace your UPS.
  • Meeting commercial & industrial energy requirements at 85% efficiency
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