Open Gas Flares

Eneraque offers the turn-key design, manufacturing, assembly, factory testing, delivery, installation and commissioning of portable gas gas flares for the oil, gas and CSM Industry.

Applications include pilot optimization; well proving and mine venting flares. Eneraque provides two types of portable gas flares – Utility flares and engineered smokeless flares. A utility flare is the most basic type of flare. The flares height is calculated based on the radiation and dispersion flaring emissions at the ground that are caused by the combustion process.

Eneraque has developed a broad range of assisted gas flares specifically designed to meet a large spectrum of gas compositions and varied operating conditions. Waste gases burn cleanly and without visible black smoke to meet the most stringent environmental regulations. The registered designs are driven by flare performance are driven by flare performance, ease of location and operating costs. Assisted tips can even be retrofitted onto existing flares cost effectively.

Within the engineered smokeless flares a broad range of options exist – air-assist flares; high pressure gas-assist flares; steam-assist flares; low-pressure flares and sonic flares.

  Features / Benefits

  • Galvanised base frame with 20’ container footprint with container locks
  • Collapsible flare stack
  • Stainless steel tip
  • Solar powered control system with an automatic re-light system
  • On board gas/water separator
  • Back pressure regulator
  • Mechanical pressure gauges
  • Robust design and professional finish
  • Mechanical break winch


  • Pilot optimization
  • Well proving
  • Mine venting flare

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