Landfill Gas Flares


When waste is stored in landfill sites, micro-organisms break down the waste material causing gas to be released. This gas can be extracted from disposal site and made available for use as fuel. Eneraque manufactures, installs and maintains landfill gas flares purpose built for your waste combustion.

  Features / Benefits

  • Burns Safely and efficiently with low methane content of 15 – 30vol%
  • High Temperature combustion
  • High Safety Standard
  • Easily portable and quick installation time
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Compact, safe and cost effective value added solution

Eneraque’s landfill gas flares are highly efficient in extracting the gas from these sites so that it may be used as fuel. Any surplus gas can be combusted in an environmentally sound way using high efficient temperature gas flares. An optimum solution for safe and efficient degassing of sites with low quality gas, the Eneraque Lowcal high temperature landfill gas flare is designed to provide greater gas control on a low calorific site.

  Environmental Benefits

  • Odour control
  • Low noise
  • Low emissions
  • Low risk
  • Low visual impact

Thanks to high temperature combustion, the emissions values comply with the environmental regulations in force, with innovative safe and efficient systems. For more information or to enquire about purchasing a landfill gas flare solution for your operation, contact the experts at Eneraque today on 1800 636 744.


Specifications High Temp
Gas Flow Rate – Nm3/h 40 – 5000
Burner Capacity up to 25,000kW
Initial Gas Pressure 2.5 kPA
Blower Pressure Rise max 25kPA
Methane Concentration 30-50%
Combustion Temperature 1000 – 1200°C
Residence Time ˃ 0.3s
Turn Down Ratio 1:05
Sound Pressure under Full load ˂69dB(A)

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