Biogas Flares

Biogas flares are used to convert waste gases such as those produced from sewerage sludge treatment or from the fermentation processing of biomass (a renewable resource) in biogas plants.

This technology turns these high potential energy gases into complete combustion for cleaner emissions. Eneraque’s biogas flares can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.

High Temperature Flares

The Eneraque high temperature flare provides for efficient and environmentally safe combustion of biogas. The Exhaust gas emissions meet stringent environmental requirements with temperatures ranging from 1000 – 1200°C and with a defined residence time of >0.3s.

As soon as the start command is given and the required start pressure is reached, the Eneraque efficiency flare starts up, and ignition is activated by an automatic ignition device. The burner unit controls the ignition process and monitors the flare. The combustion is automatically regulated by the air supply in relation to the optimum combustion temperature. All control functions are integrated by supply in relation to the optimum combustion temperature. All controls are integrated in a weather proof control cabinet, wired up ready for connection.

  Features / Benefits

  • Efficient combustion of biogas
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Controlled and concealed combustion
  • Concealed flames
  • Residence time more than 0.3s
  • Insulated combustion chamber
  • High safety standard
  • 99.9% combustion efficiency

Environmental Benefits — Meeting greenhouse gas emission standards and reduction of co² emissions

Other Options — Transportable / Flexible designs / Custom built

Medium Temperature Flares

The low temperature flare for sewerage or biogas plants is an ideal combination with gas holder operation and gas systems with constant pressure ratios. Thanks to concealed combustion, the low temperature flares attains more than 99% combustion efficiency.

Because of no visible flame the erection of the flare is most advantageous even near residential areas. The plant is simple to operate and adjust and starts reliably. The captivating aspect of the flare is it straightforward design, combined with the latest safety technology.


Specifications Med Temp High Temp
Gas Flow Rate – Nm3/h 60 – 480 40 – 5000
Burner Capacity up to 3,600kW 25,000kW
Initial Gas Pressure 8-15 kPA 2.5 kPA
Blower Pressure Rise max
Methane Concentration 30 – 50% 60 – 75%
Combustion Temperature 1,000-1,200°C >850°C
Residence Time >0.3s
Turn Down Ratio 1:05
Sound Pressure under Full load <69dBA <69dBA

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