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Western Australia High Specification Power Generation Project

Project overview

Eneraque was engaged to design and manufacture high specification power generation units for the gas compressor stations strategically located along the DBNGP pipeline. Eneraque successfully assembled, installed and commissioned these units on numerous occasions within clients specified time frame.

Our involvement

• 5 x 522 kWe Gas generator sets
• 4 x 850 kWe Gas generator sets
• 1 x 350 kWe Gas generator sets
• 3 x 648 kWe Diesel generator sets
• 1 x 820 kWe Diesel generator sets
• 10 x 340 kWe Load banks
• 1 x 690 kWe Load bank

Outcome and benefits

• Waukesha gas engines
• Built for 45°C ambient conditions
• Extended oil change intervals (3500 hours)
• Fire and gas detection systems enclosure
• Sound attenuation less than 85db(A) at one metre
• Spark arresting stainless steel silencer
• Single lift modules
• Fully bunded galvanised bases

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