Forging industry connections at Bioenergy Strong 2019

Forging industry connections at Bioenergy Strong 2019

by Eneraque on November 22, 2019

Our CEO Stuart Pringle recently had the pleasure of attending Australia’s
principal event focused on biogas and biomethane – Bioenergy Strong 2019.

Held at the Queensland State Library in Brisbane, the event attracted an international line-up of
guest speakers and provided valuable opportunities for industry connections.

This year, Bioenergy Strong focused on decarbonisation of Australia’s gas network, and the growing
opportunity to strengthen our nation’s biogas economy.

According to the Bioenergy State of the Nation report (compiled by Bioenergy Australia in
collaboration with KPMG,) biogas represents at least a $3.5 billion+ investment opportunity.

In fact, an Australian biofuels industry could create over 8 000 new jobs, contribute over $1.1 billion
to regional economies each year, and provide a secure source of renewable electricity generation.

The Bioenergy Strong event also covered an array of other topical areas, including biofuel policy
development, emerging technologies and current industry drivers.

Delegates had the opportunity to attend three unique bioenergy sites around the local Brisbane
region, and also heard from global case studies out of Denmark and the USA.

“The Bioenergy Strong event was an important opportunity to discuss Australia’s biogas industry and
to evaluate future opportunities for growth – both at home and abroad,” said Mr Pringle.

“We were pleased to discuss some of our recent successes at Eneraque, including the Moxey
Farms waste to energy project.”

Biogas technology doesn’t have to be complex to manage – but each project site should be carefully
considered, in order to achieve tailored technology solutions.

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