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Proudly providing end-to-end power generation and energy solutions for the Asia-Pacific region since 1981.

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We're leading the way with renewable solutions for the future of energy. Eneraque’s state of the art Biogas Upgrading System turns waste gas into high quality biomethane. Contact us to reach your energy goals.

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Located throughout Australia and New Zealand, Eneraque believe in an advanced world where engineered energy solutions power a stronger future. Over the past 40+ years Eneraque have successfully provided project specific end-to-end power generation solutions that include turnkey energy products, renewable energy solutions, leading edge generators, gas management services, quality pumps as well as power and lighting for greenfield, brownfield, commercial and industrial sites.

From the Australian headquarters based in Brisbane, the Eneraque team of engineers, project managers and energy experts service clients across all industries including the industrial, civil, mining, oil and gas, construction, government and commercial spheres.

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