Our custom engineered energy systems help you take control of your rising power bills and manage your production waste with one turn key system. Controlled, reliable supply that’s better for the planet – we call it future energy.

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CHP for food and beverage manufacturers

If you’re a food and beverage manufacturer, don’t let your waste go to waste. Our custom solutions can be integrated into your existing infrastructure, or we can engineer and manufacture a bespoke solution for your site. Our technology includes:

  • Combined Heat & Power (CHP) solutions
  • Waste to energy (various feedstocks)
  • Bigas storage
  • Biogas flaring
  • Biogas scrubbing

Eneraque’s state of the art waste to energy technology was recently featured in Food & Beverage Industry News.

 “The process of converting waste gas into an energy source is a speciality of Eneraque. 

Eneraque has specialised in power generation and energy solutions for more than four decades and in that time has continued to develop cutting-edge technology that is powering the future of energy. 

The manufacturing process is a conduit for waste gas and for generations this disposal or reuse of industrial gases has varied, but as solutions evolved so have the many applications for what was once a waste product.”