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End-to-End Client Focus

by Heather Millar on January 17, 2020

Since 1981 Eneraque have been a leading end-to-end power generation solutions provider, providing many industries with power and energy solutions that engineer projects forward. However it’s not only our projects that we focus on, its the end-to-end client experience from enquiry through to maintenance. 

We know that the client experience is an all too overlooked part of a project by many solution providers, but not at Eneraque. At Eneraque our entire team is completely focused on your satisfaction which is why we thoroughly map out the entire journey across all divisions and are making 2020 a year that we make this process even more seamless. Why? Because we know that understanding the complete journey from enquiry to maintenance means that we can build an even stronger synergy between our divisions and this enables the ultimate client experience for you and an outstanding project for all.

Taking the time to further focus on what you need means that we’re able to deliver you with the right solution when and how you need it. Our focus on delivering a timely and on-budget project means that we’ve also implemented multiple channels for you to get in touch with us as we know that no matter the sector – agile communication counts. Which is why we make contacting us easy from with our 1800 636 744 number, to live chat and our online contact form. 

The team at Eneraque are experts in delivering tailored solutions backed by an unbeatable experience.
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