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Turnkey Solutions Critical for Mining

by Eneraque on September 5, 2019

It’s not a matter of if you need back-up power but a matter of when; after all energy is the powering force behind all projects. Energy supplied to mining sites is typically through diesel, natural gas, and grid electricity and typically consumed through operations that include the operating of vehicles and machinery [1].  The dependence on this resource means your project needs a total turnkey solution to ensure your project runs at full momentum without down-time.

The mining sector is not new to the need for energy, with its usage increasing so to is the need for reliability and efficiency. The long-term energy intensity is only predicted to rise with more mines transitioning over to ‘all-electric’ which will only increase the importance of reliable power generation and storage solutions within the mining sector [1].

This is why turnkey solutions are critical and having a plan for your projects power generation will ensure that you’re ready for any potential downtime in power. Whether you need a plan for maintenance, shutdowns and peak demands for supply we’ll be able to provide a turn-key solution for you.

Eneraque can help assist you with understanding electrical load’s and the right power generation solutions suited to your project. The engineering team at Eneraque can design, build, deliver, install and maintain the right Genset for your mining project.


[1] https://arena.gov.au/assets/2017/11/renewable-energy-in-the-australian-mining-sector.pdf