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Western Australia Oil Production Power Plant Project

Project overview

To design and manufacture an innovative, reliable “genPair” in a revolutionary power plant. The power plant required the capacity to be fuelled by both diesel and natural gas.

Our involvement

Eneraque designed, built and delivered, the genPair housed in a 40’ container with a Waukesha F18 gas fuelled generator and a Cummins NT 855 diesel fuelled generator. Two generators are separated by an air conditioned control room. The generating enclosure was complete with ventilation, combustion with cooling air flows and had sound attenuation of 85 dBA at one metre.

Outcome and benefits

• Allows operation between ambient conditions, of 48ºC and –5ºC
• Sufficient internal space to enable full routine maintenance
• Two generators allowing for load-share, depending on fuel availability on site
• Ability to adjust proportion load between each generator
• Load banks installed to provide minimum load on the gas genset when site is shut-down or on low power demand

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