Product Type


Vales Point Power Station

Project overview

We designed, supplied and installed a 1650kVA Emergency Diesel Generator, including an integral fire suppression system, and external 4000 litre bulk tank. 

Client Need

The client had no generator size calculation during the time of tender and relied on Eneraque to come up with a suitable generator size based on the load profiles provided.

Our Solution

Eneraque proposed a 1650 kVA generator with an over-sized alternator rated at 1950kVA. The reason for this was so that the generator could handle the high harmonic distortion loads and over-current associated with VSD’s and DOL starting.

The benefits of having an over-sized alternator are:

  1. A more cost-effective design
  2. Generator footprint is smaller
  3. Generator will run at optimum loads. For instance, if the engine is sized for the starting loads, there is a very high chance that it will experience light loading once normal operation resumes.

In addition to this Eneraque provided an integral fire suppression system. This was made up of thermal and smoke sensors, audible and visual indicators, CO2 cylinders, distribution piping and spray nozzles.


Our client received a turnkey, cost effective emergency generator system.

Product Specs

Model SM1650S rated 1650kVA standby power:

  • Mitsubishi S12R-PTAA2, 1500 rpm, 12 cylinder, liquid cooled diesel engine with vertical 500 ambient tropical, set mounted radiator.
  • Electronic engine governing.
  • Meccalte, ECO46-2S/4 50 Hz, 415 VAC, brushless, direct coupled alternator with MAUX excitation and DSR AVR electronic voltage regulation to +/- 0.5%.
  • Alternator is over-sized (1950kVa) to handle high harmonic distortion loads and over-current associated with VSD’s and DOL starting
  • Anti-condensation heaters and winding RTD’s
  • Set mounted control panel with Deep Sea 7420 auto start engine control microprocessor
  • All engine monitoring, shutdown alarms and AC metering via DSE 7420 display module
  • Fire detection (thermal) sensor within generator enclosure to provide alarm to DCS
  • EMERGENCY STOP button mounted externally.
  • Engine jacket water heating system.
  • Batteries, leads, isolating switch and 240V charger.
  • IP 44 rated weatherproof, lockable acoustic enclosure
  • Fully bunded base frame with leak detection
  • Acoustically rated 75dBA @ 7mt
  • Residential exhaust system built into the canopy with vertical discharge to atmosphere.
  • External oil and coolant drain
  • Roof lifting points for ease of handling
  • Set mounted 4 pole 2500A output circuit breaker
  • Anti-vibration mounts
  • 12 month warranty
  • Full factory testing
  • Operation and maintenance manuals.
  • Delivery DDP of generator and fuel tank to Vales Point Power Station

4,000L double skinned steel tank (external):

  • Leak detection with alarm to DCS
  • Fuel transfer pipework (stainless steel) and fittings required between external tank and generator
  • Step over covers to fit over the fuel lines to prevent trip hazards on site

Fire extinguishing system:

  • Thermal and smoke sensors
  • Audible and visual indicator
  • Activation and lock buttons
  • CO2 system is designed to discharge once for Genset & Panel, made up of CO2 cylinders, gas collection manifolds, distribution piping and spray nozzles, signalling devices, cylinders electric and manual discharge, piping fittings and testing.

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