Microturbine 200kWe Gas Trigeneration Plant


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Microturbine 200kWe Gas Trigeneration Plant

Project overview

Eneraque, manufactured, installed and commissioned a 200kWe trigeneration plant coupled with a 200kWr absorption chiller. The kWr utilisation from the trigeneration system reduces the load on the base building cooling system, while using Natural Gas to efficiently produce the required electricity for the building and data center. Eneraque has extensive experience in embedded generation, in which the process and technology is critical for protecting the downstream equipment and processes


  • 2 x 100kWe Microturbines
  • Available 277kWt (thermal) energy for the absorption chiller
  • 200kW of chilled water for CRAC units
  • Clean combustion exhaust emissions enable free venting with no SCR equipment
  • In house design of control system philosophies
  • Sound attenuation, weatherproof enclosures available
  • Spare parts stock
  • Fixed maintenance cost with life cycle contract

For more information on gas trigeneration or this project, please contact our friendly team of industry experts at Eneraque.

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