Energy Models of the Future

by Heather Millar on January 24, 2020

What will 20 years from now look like, and what energy model should industries be moving towards? Answers to these questions around the right decision on energy moving forward translate to hundreds of billions of dollars in investment decisions from companies and governments around the world. 

Decisions over future energy models are continually up for debate, and it’s evident that the energy landscape is transforming as more businesses look to shift towards a more sustainable energy model. With this shift we see a large range of industries and stakeholders pointing to various directions in outlook.

Whilst the topic of the future of energy is still largely up for debate we believe one thing will remain true – that fossil fuels will still be an essential part of our economy, and that there’s a world of opportunity to light the way forward with innovation on natural gas and renewable energy.

At Eneraque we see the opportunity for our clients in adopting hybrid models, utilising the best of both worlds as all industries inevitably navigate to more sustainable practices. Hybrid models provide opportunity to move with changing trends whilst preparing for the increase in electricity demand which by 2040 is set to grow at twice the pace of energy demand as a whole

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