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Port Headland Mine Power Station Project

Project overview

To provide a complete turnkey package – including diesel power generation, fuel storage, switchboard, and earthing grid system – at a remote camp site in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

Our involvement

Eneraque installed and commissioned four Volvo diesel-powered, DVS 570, prime-power silenced gensets, selected for their fuel efficiency and reliable performance.

Each generator was programmed to load-share and hour-share by synchronising Deep-Sea controllers, mounted onto each generator. Extended runtime was made possible by supplying diesel to the generators from a 68,000-litre safe-fill, double-bunded fuel tank, to ensure continuous safe running conditions at all times.

Outcome and benefits

From site surveying, site civils to install, commissioning, maintenance and operation. Distribution of power was achieved via four incomers to a 50kA/sec fault-rated, all-weather, standalone switchboard. All components met and exceeded strict company regulations.

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