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Brisbane Standby For Pump Stations Project

Project overview

To design and manufacture 52 generators, which would supply standby power to various sewerage and water pumping stations around the metropolitan area. Generators were required to accept load immediately on a start signal in the event of a power failure. This prevented the wet wells from overflowing. The generators were required to withstand rugged locations and extreme conditions, and be quickly deployable with minimum impact on location and staff.

Our involvement

The gensets were encased in stainless steel acoustic enclosures to prevent anticipated on-site corrosion and attain acoustic levels of 55dBA at 1 metre – meeting the applicable inner city noise restriction. The units were also fitted with full monitoring and safety protection, which included stop/start capabilities from a control centre via telemetry. This enabled staff to remotely monitor and control all units in the event of bad weather or a loss of mains power.

Outcome and benefits

• Stainless steel canopies and external hardware
• Fully bunded to suit environmental conditions
• Hook and carry truck compatible for quick deployment
• 55dBA @ 1 metre
• “Powerlok” quick connect AC power cable connections

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