Awapuni Sewerage Treatment Plant

Project overview

Eneraque was responsible for all design, manufacture, assembly, installation and commissioning of the complete generator system and ancillaries.

Client Need

The client had a sewage plant and landfill adjacent to each other both producing methane gas in different qualities and a need to produce electricity to the grid and heat for the digesters. There was also a need to blend natural gas to maximise the output of the generator on low gas production times to maintain the heat for the digester.

Our Solution

Eneraque used the well designed and proven MWM TCG 2016 v16 engine producing 750kwe, with the Eneraque designed gas conditioning skid. This method has been developed and used successfully in many similar installations.

The whole plant was custom built for this client to suit the environment the plant was operating in and complexities of handling multiple gas streams with varying methane levels and other harmful substances in the gases.

Product/Solution Turnaround

The whole turn key project from design to completion was completed in just over 10 months with no delays.


At completion of this project, the end client was left with an optimised, high quality and easy to use power system maximising the use of waste gases.

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