Product Type


Bulga Coal Power Station

Project overview

Eneraque was contracted to design, manufacture, install, commission and provide training to the site operators of 3 X 3MW gas generator packages and balance of plant. 

Client Need

Our client required a company that could effectively deliver the EPC contract for a 9MW power station running off coal mine gas. The client was seeking a company with breadth and experience, rather than just an engine company or distributor to partner with. They were looking for a firm who specialises in selecting the right equipment for the job and had the internal capability to deliver the project effectively, in order to provide the best return on investment possible with lowest total cost of ownership. 

Our Solution

Eneraque confidently provided the complete turnkey package, from the coal mine gas to the power pole.

The balance of plant included: 

  • Site civil design and civil works 
  • Control and HV switch room 
  • LV/HV transformer 
  • Gas conditioning system 
  • Emergency gas flare 
  • Gas chiller 
  • Gas compressor 
  • Blackstart diesel generator 
  • Oil and coolant tank farm

Our Approach

Eneraque approached the challenge as the solutions provider by meeting with the client on-site and getting a thorough understanding of the scope, interface points, client and site-specific requirements.  

Project Turnaround

Eneraque delivered the project on time and on budget.


The client is now the proud owner of a world-class power station and is now harnessing the potential of waste coal mine gas by producing energy to reduce their electricity costs.


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