Making waste your asset. Are you ready for energy independence?  

On farm waste to energy systems are becoming critical assets for farmers seeking to take control over their energy supply – all by harnessing the power of their own herd’s manure.

Innovation in biogas technology – widely used throughout Europe and now finding application across the Asia Pacific – is offering farmers a way to combat rising energy prices, lower emissions and achieve energy independence.

One company leading the charge is Eneraque, whose market leading Waste Gas to Energy technologies have been used across region-first projects and are already yielding tangible results for farmers.

Raw biogas is produced through anaerobic waste digestion – this gas is then scrubbed and dehumidified. This now clean biogas is fed through a closed loop system into gas engines which can provide 100% of the farm’s energy needs.

A simplified flow of the waste to energy journey. 

Waste Gas to Energy technology can be custom designed for any site, and it’s benefits go beyond eliminating reliance on the main grid.

“This technology can radically simplify on farm waste management and improve the fertiliser value of manure and other byproducts,” says Eneraque’s Jeremy Pringle. “The digestate that remains at the end of the process can be used as a high quality, agricultural fertiliser that has been praised for it’s higher pH value and lack of odour.”

“The system also provides the benefit of reducing general farm odour and lowering Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions,” he says.

Biogas technology doesn’t have to be cumbersome or complex to manage, says Jeremy, but it is site specific and needs to be designed specifically for your operation. Eneraque engage in a process of discovery and design for each Waste Gas to Energy project.

“It is about efficiency and seamless integration into your existing framework,” he says. “It needs to work for your farm and not the other way around.”

It’s infrastructure that also becomes an asset, with most clients expecting a return on investment in as little as five years.

Australian Mega-Dairy, New South Wales. 

Eneraque were approached by one of Australia’s leading mega-dairies to provide a bespoke, turn-key system to convert on-farm waste to energy. This project harnessed the energy value of cow manure to generate electricity, providing the farm with 100% of it’s energy needs while handling on-farm waste disposal.

Eneraque’s solution consisted of a state of the art Power Generation Plant. This custom technology, designed, engineered and built in Australia by the team at Eneraque, is a closed loop system, which feeds directly back to power the farms’ operation, with any extra power capable of being exported to the grid.

Eneraque produced a custom, turn key Waste Gas to Energy System for this Australian Mega-Dairy.

Biogas Scrubbing.

The Biogas System is comprised of several components. Major components include the primary blower, emergency flare, biological gas scrubber, dehumidification system and final blower. This complete system is capable of handling up to 1500m3/hr of saturated biogas with CH4 content of 54% and up to 4000ppm of H2S.

Power Generation Plant.

The Generator is powered by two MWM TCG2020v16 engines, producing 1564 kWe each, providing a total output of 3128 kWe.

The engine efficiency when running on biogas when commissioned is 42%, being one of the most efficient engines on the market for this application. It is a 16 cylinder, 71L engine and operates on gas as low as 5 kpa.


Project Highlights:

  • Harnessing reliable, renewable energy.
  • Custom, turn-key solution with excellent results and quantifiable commercial advantages.
  • Delivery of the largest project of it’s kind in Australia.
  • Minimal interruption to the client’s business.

Table 1: Design data vs actual gas treatment breakdown.

Project Outcomes:

  • Extremely satisfied client.
  • Timely installation.
  • Closed loop system that allows the client to be energy independent.
  • Excellence in Design Data vs Actual Gas Treatment Results.
  • Excellent results from first service.

Table 2: Excellent results from the first Generator Service at this mega Australian dairy farm. 

Project Specs:

  • 3MW Gas Power Generation Plant.
    • Two MWM TCG2020v16 engines
  • Custom Biogas Scrubbing System capable of handling up to 1500m3/hr of saturated biogas.
    • Primary Blower
    • Emergency Flare
    • Biological Gas Scrubber
    • Dehumidification system
    • Final Blower