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7 Ways an Eneraque Skid Lighting Tower will Enhance Your Project and Save Money

Purchase once, use for the duration of your project

Consider how cost-effective small trailer-based plants are after their initial purchase. How many more times will you have to repurchase the asset taking into consideration the long-term nature and harsh environmental conditions of most Australian mining projects?

At Eneraque we understand this but haven’t responded the way many lighting tower providers have, by providing low budget units. These lighting plants reduce costs now, but when you consider they (mostly) have a design life of >5 years, your business’ outlay can double, triple, quadruple (and so on) over the duration of a project.

Eneraque’s holistic approach considers the total cost of ownership, rather than just the initial costs. Coupling an Australian-made, value-engineered, skid-mounted lighting tower with a 20+ year design life and a comprehensive aftersales and maintenance support network drastically decreases overall costs during a project.

So, how can a skid-based lighting tower enhance your mining project? See our 7 key points below:

Firstly, what is a lighting tower? A lighting tower (Also known as lighting plants) are mobile floodlighting solutions designed to operate under their own power. The Eneraque Midnitelite range is powered by Megagen diesel power generation units.Eneraque Megaskid Lighting Tower

Built tough, built to last

Mine sites are notoriously harsh environments for equipment, with drastically reduced design life approximations when compared to other commercial applications.

With that in mind, Eneraque’s skid-mounted lighting towers have a 20+ year design life with provisions made for easy routine maintenance.

Further to this, each unit’s heavy-duty skid base is designed to be dragged behind heavy equipment when relocating, with robust bumpers allowing the plant to be pushed into position at the desired location.

Don’t just take our word for it though, these are the standards our skid-based units comply to:

  • AS3000 Electrical Wiring regulations
  • AS2790 Transportable generator sets to 25kw
  • AS3010.1 Supply by generator set
  • AS3713 Noise level emissions
  • AS1170.2 Wind loading area
  • Mines safety and inspection regulations 1995

A shoe that fits

Don’t let the size of your operation or existing plant equipment limit your future savings.

Our standard, super and mega size variations ensure there is a unit proportionately sized to your mining operation.

These units can be easily configured to match existing lighting technologies, with various metal halide and LED options ranging from 480,000 to 2,700,000 lumens.

Proven track record

Have peace-of-mind knowing your lighting plant WILL stand the tests of time. Our design has proven its durability countless times, with multiple units operating effectively well past the 20-year mark.

Here’s a past client’s thoughts on a fleet of MegaSkids designed, built and supplied for a major QLD mine:

“[I] Selected these for Daunia & Caval Ridge as the lead engineer. We nicknamed this one Goliath, absolute huge. They outperformed the competition on reach, lighting performance and fuel economy. Well done Eneraque.”

Providing focus

A cleverly designed boom and lighting head allows for impressive horizontal reach as well as the ability to fine-tune your lighting focus due to the ability to tilt and focus.

As a result; the lighting plant can be positioned in a safer location where damage is less likely to occur and can be left in a static location for longer intervals.


Unlike trailer-based units, the Eneraque Skid-Mounted lighting plants to not rely upon extendable hydraulic legs for stability. The skid-base itself offers an incredibly stable platform, thanks to a low centre of gravity and large surface area.

Position your skid on any surface, even loose or soft ground.

Powered by reliability

We understand that in mining applications, uptime is the name of the game. For this reason, we’ve powered our lighting plants with a tailor-made Eneraque Megagen diesel generator.

Renowned for reliability and a rugged construction, you can be confident your lighting plant will run when you want it to.

Ease of use

All StandardSkid, SuperSkid and MegaSkid models are optimised for use by a single operator.

Allocate your resources towards functions which maintains productivity, leave the lighting side of things to us.

At Eneraque, generally speaking, we prescribe our heavy-duty, skid-mounted lighting towers for all mining applications, with heavy-duty trailer mounted lighting plants supplied as supplementary rapid-response lighting solutions.

Eneraque offers a wide range of high-quality lighting plants, designed with the client’s end application at the forefront of mind. With skid, trailer or even pontoon mounted lighting plant variations, metal halide or LED lights can be supplied depending on the client’s specifications.

For more information regarding the range of Eneraque lighting towers, please do not hesitate to reach out to our friendly team.