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Eneraque offers a comprehensive range of mobile lighting towers, tailored to any application. Designed and built to last, in Australia, for Australia and the global market.

S66 Midnitelite Skid Lighting Tower - Eneraque Mobile Lighting Tower

Midnitelite Mobile Lighting Tower Logo - Eneraque

Midnitelite Skid Mobile Lighting Towers

With a robust skid-base design, value-engineered to stand up to whatever the harsh Australian environment presents, the Eneraque Midnitelite Skid Lighting Towers are versatile, manoeuvrable, and user-friendly. Each light requires only a single operator, which means you can focus your workforce, where they are really needed.

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M66 Midnitelite Mobile Lighting Tower - Eneraque Mobile Lighting Towers

Midnitelite Mobile Lighting Tower Logo - Eneraque

Midnitelite Mobile Lighting Towers

Midnitelite provides a powerful, safe and effective solution for even the toughest industrial and mine lighting challenges. The Midnitelite range of lighting towers was developed in response to requests from our clients for a heavy-duty, user-friendly trailer-mounted lighting solution.

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Eneraque Metrolite Mobile Lighting Tower

Metrolite Mobile Lighting Towers - Eneraque

Metrolite Mobile Lighting Towers

Whether it is required on a building site, quarry, road works or just night work requirements, the Metrolite Mobile Lighting Towers promise to perform with continuous bright light, every time.

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ML12C Midnitelite Mobile Lighting Tower - Eneraque Mobile LED Lighting Towers

MegaLED LED Lighting Towers By Eneraque

MegaLED Mobile Lighting Towers

MegaLED LED Lighting Towers are the latest innovation from Eneraque, providing our high-quality floodlighting tower range with an eco-friendly carbon footprint for your industrial applications.

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24V DC Midnitelite lighting tower 2

What is a lighting tower?

A lighting tower (Also known as lighting plants) are pieces of mobile equipment designed to operate under their own power, which provide floodlighting from multiple high-output electric lamps (Eneraque mobile lighting towers are available with both Metal Halide and LED lighting configurations).

These lighting units can be positioned remotely, allowing worksites (i.e. mines) to operate on a 24/7 basis, safely and efficiently by providing light that meets shadow, hue and runtime requirements.

Midnitelite, Metrolite and MegaLED lighting towers are powered by Megagen diesel power generation units which range in size depending on light output. Each unit is equipped with an onboard, bunded fuel tank but can be run in combination with a remote fuel cell.

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