What happened to SE Power, Energen Solutions and Swift Rentals?

by Eneraque on September 23, 2019

It’s a great thing to be able to look back and see how far Eneraque has come and evolved since 1981.

For those who remember us as SE Power, Energen Solutions or Swift Rentals you’ll be glad to know we’re still proudly owned and operated by the founding director.

So, what happened to SE Power, Energen Solutions and Swift Rentals?

SE Power along with its sister companies Energen Solutions and Swift Rentals consolidated into one brand in 2012 – that brand is Eneraque. The company name of Eneraque is a portmanteau of our offerings of power, water, energy and lighting. This synergy of brands into one company enabled a more seamless customer experience by offering the three brands and their services under one roof.

Powered by three legacy brands, Eneraque continues to build upon the founding brands to deliver some of Australia’s largest waste gas to energy projects including Moxey Farms – waste gas to energy and the Ti-Tree Power Station running off landfill gas.

Amidst Eneraque’s success it’s still no surprise that the sister company names are still strongly sought after, some 38 years after founding. The name was and always will be synonymous with reliable power solutions. And even though Eneraque is our new name, we still provide ongoing maintenance and support to our SE Power, Energen Solutions and Swift Rentals clients.

So, if you see SE Power, Energen Solutions and Swift Rentals in our branding, history and photos you know that this is who we were and it’s at the core of who we are now as Eneraque.

With the power to engineer your project forward,