Waterstand Automation System to Remote Island Mine

On the highly remote mine on an island off the coast of Northern Australia, one of Eneraque’s valued clients approached Eneraque for a solution to address multiple issues they were having with the existing manual operation system of their Waterstands.


With dust control one of the key environmental responsibilities of the mine operation, the current set up was creating multiple issues including:

  • Excessive fuel usage due to generator driven electric pumps running 24/7.
  • Long water truck refilling times due to the operator being unable to turn on the diesel booster pump from the waterstand location.
  • OH&S risk to operators due to poor lighting of manual valve area at night.
  • Security/Safety risk to operators due to having to get out of their vehicles in an un-monitored area at night.
  • Excessive maintenance costs of generators and pumps due to unnecessary operation.


Eneraque designed, manufactured, and installed onsite a radio controlled ‘one-touch’ Waterstand Automation System that started all the pumps on each waterstand circuit and opened the waterstand valve from the cab of the water truck; then a simple ‘one-touch’ shutdown sequence.


The entire system is solar powered with battery backup allowing continuous operation of the Waterstand Automation System delivering solutions to all of the existing issues:
  • Diesel generator driving the electric pumps is started/stopped on command, and the electric pumps start/stop in sequence allowing the generator to only run when required.
  • Water truck filling times reduced by starting the diesel booster pump in sequence vastly increasing flow.
  • OH&S issues removed by allowing the operator to remain in the cab at all times.
  • Security/Safety risk to operators reduced by allowing the operator to remain in the cab at all times.
  • Maintenance costs are reduced due to mechanical elements of the system only running when water trucks need filling.


Another excellent Eneraque project that provides fuel costs savings, extends the life of the assets and reduced the service budget as the time between services is extended.


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