Standby Generators

Eneraque supplied two Standby Generators designed to site specification, complete with interconnecting cables, fitted out and tested for the Stage 1 phase. The project is the construction of a new coal export terminal to accommodate the increased coal production from the region, located at Golding Point, to the west of the existing RG Tanna and Barney Point Terminals, and will form part of the port of Gladstone.

The Standby Generators were to provide back up power in the event of power loss to the Gantry Stacker and Shiploader. The generators are mounted on dual and triple axle trailers (able to be towed from either end of the trailer without being turned around) allowing them to be towed and easily positioned to the respective mobile plant that it is supplying power to. Once connected to the plant, large interconnecting cables are terminated at both the generator and the respective plants backup power junction box. Generators are started, powering the plant and enabling it to be driven back to the mainland whilst running, and vehicle towing the generator on the trailer.