Sewerage Treatment Plants – Waste To Energy Solutions

by Eneraque on August 12, 2019

It’s no surprise that the delivery, removal and treatment of sewage uses a great deal of energy. However at Eneraque when we see a great deal of energy being used around waste – what we actually see is an opportunity for commercial operations to transform their waste into energy; which not only helps the environment it also helps to reduce costs. This improvement of energy efficiency is done through the generation of renewable energy from waste. 

Now, more than ever, Sewerage Treatment Plants have a responsibility to reduce waste and we have the end-to-end solution – converting sewage into energy. It’s a matter of creating biogas, and it’s a tried and true method we offer for various Australian and New Zealand Sewerage Treatment Plants; as well as most commercial industries with waste.

Sewage can generate electricity through the method of combusting biogas. The process is a matter of breaking down the waste in a digestor. As the digestor breaks down the waste, it generates biogas. This biogas contains methane a gas used in the natural gas network, however before it can be fed back into the grid it must first be cleaned to remove odours as well as impurities.

Once the biogas is cleaned, it is then fed to an Eneraque generator which produces electricity. This electricity can be used on-site at the Sewerage Treatment Plant or it can be fed back into the grid. This solution not only removes the waste of waste, it also provides an opportunity to transform waste into renewable energy.

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