Product Type


Townsville Airport Generator Installation

Project overview

Eneraque was selected as the head contractor to supply, install, commission and maintain a 1000kva standby diesel generator at Townsville Airport.

Project Highlights

  • Safe and effective execution of project
  • Enclosed weatherproof 1000kva diesel generator
  • Co-ordination of electrical works with new and existing infrastructure
  • New underground conduits, surface cutting, hydravac trenching
  • 10,000L double skinned bulk fuel tank
  • Diesel fuel bowser
  • Fuel transfer system
  • Automatic transfer switch (ATS)
  • Generator link box
  • Cabling onsite between MSB, ATS, link box and generator – 120+ meters through the airport roof space
  • All civil works including strip footings and bored foundations
  • Re-instating of hard surfaces
  • Commissioning and testing

Client Need

Emergency backup power to maintain airport operation and provide power supply to additional areas of the airport electrical infrastructure.

Our Solution

Eneraque provided a cost effective, fit for purpose solution, from a company that has been involved with supplying diesel generators since 1981. Our ability to work closely with Townsville Airport and utilisation of local contractors meant we were able to offer a competitive solution, with minimal downtime and a seamless project execution.

Product/Solution Turnaround:

16 weeks

Project Outcome

Using local contractors who had already been approved for construction work at Townsville Airport, and having the necessary air-side passes and contractors certifications, meant that Townsville Airport had complete confidence in Eneraque’s ability to safely & effectively execute the contract works within the specified time-frame, and provide a level of quality exceeding the Airport expectations. This also provided additional benefits and income to our panel of local contractors in accordance with Eneraque’s ‘Buy Local’ policies.

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