Lost treasure: Eneraque Renewables is in Utility Magazine

Eneraque’s green energy division, Eneraque Renewables has been featured in this month’s Utility Magazine. The publication spoke to the company’s CMO, Heather Millar about the bounty of untapped waste feedstock in Australia – and how technology is available now to support a circular economy and help us decarbonise.

Australian utilities are sitting on a bounty of untapped biogas that has the potential to transform the energy landscape, while supercharging a site’s energy efficiency and drastically improving their bottom line.

Waste to energy technologies that harness the power of biogas are mature and transformative solutions that achieve the dual benefit of waste management and contribute to decarbonisation. But Australia’s 250 or so working biogas plants is remarkably shy of the more than 20,000 biogas plants operating in Europe, where biogas is routinely captured from landfill sites, wastewater treatment plants or processing plants and turned into heat and power.

Heather Millar, CMO of Eneraque Renewables, who have been providing waste to energy technologies for utilities for more than 40 years, says that Australia is poised to fully embrace the biogas opportunity.

“Technological advancements and financial incentives are key drivers for the successful implementation of these technologies,” she says.

“Landfills and wastewater treatment plants are ideal candidates for biogas technologies, as they co-locate a high quality feedstock source and consume significant amounts of energy, a combination that makes these projects financially viable, simple to build, and operationally sustainable,” she says.

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Eneraque CMO, Heather Millar.