Onsite Gas Flare

Gas Flare

The Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Western Australia, currently treats 135ML/d of waste water from the northern suburbs of Perth. The sludge produced on site is anaerobically digested in the plant’s digesters and a portion of the gas produced from this process is reused to fire water heaters that in turn heat the digesters.

Excess gas is flared off utilising two existing gas burners. On average, the plant is expected to produce around 1500 m3/hr of gas. Excess gas produced can cause odour problems and can lead to complaints from local residents.

Water Corporation identified that a new enclosed flame waste gas burner (WGB) capable of burning 1500 m3/hr was required and to be installed adjacent to an existing flare. They engaged Eneraque to design and install the 1500 M3/hr new waste gas flare and gas line. As a result, the traditional open flame waste gas Burner No. 2 will be decommissioned.

Once operational, the new Eneraque flare will destruct gas to reduce methane and odour efficiently.

Flare specifications:

High Temperature Gas Flare – IFL4c 1500

Gas flow rate max. 1,500 Nm3/h
min. flow rate 60 Nm3/h
Burner Stage 1 60 to 300 Nm3/h
Burner Stage 2 150 to 750 Nm3/h
Burner Stage 3 300 to 1500 Nm3/h
Gas Inlet Pressure at full load max. 120 mbar
min. load  60 mbar
Burner Capacity max. 10 MW
min. 360 kW
Turn Down Ratio 1:20
H2S concentration <4000 mg/m3
Expected sound pressure level at full load  <69 dB(A)
Methane concentration 60 – 68 vol%
Combustion temperature 1,000 – 1,200 °C
Residence time ≥ 0.3 s

Safety features

  • WA Gas approved
  • Flame arrestors
  • Double block valves