Ensure Your Generator is Ready-To-Run When You Need It Most

The consequences of neglecting your standby diesel generator only become apparent when it is too late. Diesel generator load testing is a tried and tested method of ensuring your equipment is ready-to-run, when you need it most.

The process of load bank testing ensures all components of the generator are functioning as they should be without impacting on your business’ operation, giving you peace of mind with no loss in productivity.

A good analogy to apply to having a standby diesel generator is that it’s like owning a car. If you leave your vehicle sitting unused for extended periods of time, naturally components such as oil seals/rubbers harden, moving parts seize through lack of lubrication and foreign deposits can build up. This is why it is recommended the vehicle is started/used periodically. This mantra applies directly to standby diesel generators – load bank testing as a preventative maintenance measure allows you to do this by simulating a loss of mains power.

Know how your backup power system will perform when it matters, prevention rather than a cure.

Eneraque Loadbank Testing - Enercare

What is load bank testing?

Load bank testing should form a part of any preventative maintenance schedule and should occur periodically throughout the year.

Load bank testing is the simulation of an unplanned power outage, in order to provide a representation of how the generator will behave, perform and whether there are any maintenance/repair concerns that need to be addressed.

In place of the building/infrastructure’s electrical load, the load bank draws electricity from the generator and powers a heating element.

Diagnostics are then run to determine whether the unit is running at optimal levels, with data recorded for items such as:

  • Coolant temperature
  • Oil temperature
  • Oil pressure
  • Amperage
  • Frequency
  • Battery voltage
  • Fuel consumption

This also allows our skilled technicians to push the generator to full load, in order to ensure it can handle it as well as clear any carbon deposits which may have built up.

Eneraque has been load testing standby diesel generators for four decades.

Critical Infrastructure

Where some businesses might simply suffer a loss of productivity when a standby generator malfunctions during a power outage, some firms in the critical sectors may be subject to much more dire consequences:

  • Data centres – loss of data
  • Medical facilities – critical medical equipment downtime
  • Supermarkets and refrigeration facilities – food waste
  • Defence – critical system downtime

Load bank testing can not only eliminate the doubt, but also mitigate the likelihood of an unplanned power outage having severe consequences.

Some food for thought.

How do I get my standby generator load bank tested?

Good news, it is incredibly easy to get your standby diesel generator load bank tested. Simply call Eneraque! 

Our dedicated EnerCare Team has you covered. Our fleet of mobile service units allow our technicians to load bank test on-site.

No hassle, no worries.

Upon completion, we’ll provide you with a load test and generator health report, along with any detail on items that need further attention. Don’t let such a critical asset waste away, let us help you keep it in top operating order

What does an Eneraque load bank test include?

  • Access to Eneraque advice and reports
  • Delivery of load bank to site
  • Positioning of the load bank
  • Disconnection of the main load
  • Logistics
  • Complete load bank testing of the generator, varies depending on size
  • Disconnection and removal of the load bank
  • Reconnection of normal load
  • Detailed reporting and notification of any issues or preventative actions that can be taken
  • The Eneraque Experience


Reach out to our specialist team today by calling 1800 636 744, emailing [email protected] or submitting an enquiry on our contact page or website chat! We look forward to proving you with the ultimate solution.