Eneraque Awarded Purchase of Multiple Skid Mounted Midnitelite Lighting Plants

by Heather Millar on February 18, 2014

Eneraque was awarded to supply and deliver heavy duty skid mounted lighting plants to WA. Units were of very heavy duty construction and fitted with the following special features:

  •     12 x 1500 watt metal halide lights.
  •     9.5 metre “fail safe” hydraulic mast located on skid fitted with light tilt facility and 3400
  •     slew with automatic lock.
  •     Double over centre valves fitted to boom hydraulics.
  •     “Heavy-duty” skid base construction, towing points and attachments for moving lighting
  •     plant with heavy mining equipment.
  •     Push bars front and rear for relocation of skid.
  •     Skid bars and skid beams fitted with hard wood buffers to preserve steel work when
  •     relocation skid with heavy mining equipment.
  •     Skid fitted with hand railing and access points.
  •     Bisalloy wear plates on skid beams.
  •     Heavy-duty storage box for towing chains and attachments.
  •     450 litre fuel tank incorporated into skid base frame of the lighting plant for extended run times.
  •     Separate AC panel with individual circuit breakers and will also include an earth leakage unit
  •     all mounted in a standard enclosure
  •     1 x work lights to illuminate towing points and critical equipment for relocation of skid and
  •     skid maintenance after dark.
  •     4-point lifting system.
  •     Full factory testing prior to despatch.
  •     1 x 9kg fire extinguisher
  •     High visibility striping
  •     MDG15 and all mining related requirements

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