Testimonial: Another Happy Client

Happy clients make the job all the worthwhile. Another happy customer testimonial received at our offices.


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‘Hi Daniel,

It is my pleasure to provide a recommendation for Eneraque Generators.

We have purchased three generators from Eneraque in the past year.

To date all three generators have operated very reliably.

The generators’ commissioning went seamlessly due to the experienced Commissioning Engineer provided by Eneraque.

The onsite training provided was thorough and well complemented by the comprehensive training manuals provided.

Feedback from Operational Staff has been very positive with reference to the Control Panels “ease of navigation”, diagnostics and system information available.

Our mechanical fitters have made comment that the equipment has been easy to maintain due to the equipment accessibility.

Overall we are very pleased with the price, procurement and operation of our Eneraque Generators.


Senior Electrical Engineer, Local QLD Government Authority