Eneneraque custom diesel generators

Reducing Noise – Silenced Generators

If you’re working in a residential or commercial area then it’s likely that your project requires the use of either a silenced or noise reduced generator. The development of projects are inherently noisy, however one piece of equipment that doesn’t need to add to the noise is your generator.

Eneraque have sound reducing canopies and silenced generators that can block out most of the noise that the generator or set of generators are emitting. These silenced generators come in an array of options, and can be made fit for purpose; for example super silenced to as little as 60dB(A) and weatherproof for outdoor operations.

Eneraque have the ability to design, build, install and maintain a cost-effective reliable standby power generation system for your site with safe and acceptable sound limits that comply with your specific local regulations; enabling your operation to continue without the risk of sound complaints. Not only do silenced generators enable regulatory compliant operations, the health hazards associated with sounds are reduced.

Our Silenced Diesel Generators are suitable across a range of spaces, including hospitals, commercial buildings, industrial facilities, mine sites and defence sites. Eneraque is Australia’s trusted power generator specialist and energy solutions provider, with the ability to power your project forward.

To find out how Eneraque can provide you with a customised silenced generator solution simply contact us.