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Blakefield South Flaring Facility

Project overview

This gas drainage and flaring project aimed to create a safe work environment whilst reducing the carbon footprint – the key reasons for pre-draining gas from coal prior to mining. Gas that isn’t drained could cause a safety hazard for underground employees and cause delays in production.

Our Involvement

Eneraque was responsible for the design, supply, installation, commissioning and on-going support for a 10,000 m3/hr 3 X 60MW flaring facility. The gas flares are flaring off the pre-drainage gas from an underground coal mine.

The gas quality is in the vicinity of 90–98% 51-61% CH4 and approaching the flares at a flow rate of 10,000 m3/hr. In the gas header before the flares, there is a gas filter system for removing any dust or foreign particles from the gas supply and a pressure reduction system for bringing the gas pressure down to a required flare inlet pressure.



Once the methane is drained and captured, the gas is burnt at a flaring facility, reducing the CO footprint by 21 times compared to free venting. The flares installed were a fully enclosed type flare with emissions monitoring complying to the European emissions standards.

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