Eneraque Drainer Pumps For Sale or Rent

New & Convenient Hire-To-Buy Option Available at Eneraque

Eneraque’s unique and new convenient solution with our affordable Hire-To-Buy option, makes it easier than ever to hire-to-own the equipment you need today. Owning trusted power equipment has never been easier with fast, flexible ownership options available to you.


Our Hire-To-Buy program means you get your desired piece of equipment now as a rental for 1 year, simply making weekly repayments from $11.00, and the piece of equipment becomes yours at the end of the 1 year term.


We offer the option to Hire-to-Buy on a range of superior quality pumps, generators, lighting towers and tanks. Seriously consider Eneraque’s new Hire-To-Buy option, and enjoy low weekly or monthly repayments plus full ownership of your new piece of equipment.

Click here to view our entire discounted range available now for Hire-To-Buy. Don’t hesitate to call our friendly customer service team for more information. Try it today!