Ensure 99.9% Destruction Efficiency with Eneraque Gas Flares

by Eneraque on July 21, 2015

Reduce carbon emissions and safely destroy waste gas with Eneraque Gas Flares.

With over 20 years’ experience with flares, Eneraque is Australia’s leading provider of Gas Flaring Solutions with the unique and exclusive ability to provide 99.9% destruction efficiency.
Eneraque has optimised our gas flare designs for superior flare performance and minimal operating costs.
Eneraque can also custom-design and engineer flare packages to suit your specific site needs.

What can you expect from Eneraque Gas Flares?

A simple, smart, high-quality gas flare that will:

  • Manage the utilisation of waste gases
  • Provide full assurance of clean emissions and
  • Perform safe destruction of harmful gases, using the most effective and efficient processes

Features / Benefits

  • Flexible design, with fast and efficient site relocation ability
  • Galvanised base frame with 20’ container footprint incorporating container locks
  • Collapsible flare stack with hand winch for site erection
  • Stainless steel components, including burners & combustion chamber
  • Solar powered control system with an automatic re-light system
  • Compliance to Australian Standards & Type B appliances
  • AGA Approved
  • On board gas/water separator
  • Back pressure regulators
  • Mechanical pressure gauges
  • Robust design and professional finish
  • Low noise at high flow


Gas Flare Project by Eneraque: Meat Processing Plant

Eneraque recently completed a 23-week project for a large meat processing plant. The brief required a gas flare to start and operate at maximum efficiency and gas destruction, in the event boilers providing hot water and steam fails or is shut down for maintenance. The gas flare was to burn waste gas produced from waste effluent, a by-product of the processing plant.

An in-house, custom-made flare package was designed and engineered according to the gas and methane content produced from the site.

The brief and clients’ requirements were met 100%, with a proven product delivered on time and on budget. The gas flares reduced gas vented into the atmosphere, ensuring no leakage of gas with a methane destruction efficiency of 99.9% – a unique ability only Eneraque can supply in the Australian marketplace.

Gas Flares provide economic, reliable and efficient solutions for the secure destruction of waste gas – from biogas, landfill gas, coalmine gas, industrial gas and CSM optimisation.


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