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EnerCare | 24V DC LED Light Tower Upgrade Programme

by Heather Millar on November 3, 2016

Maximise Return on your Assets with the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Faced with limited resources, busy schedules and cost cutting requirements, many equipment users are now reviewing intelligent and alternate ways to reduce operational expenditure.

As your complete solution, support and service team, Eneraque is passionate and aligned with your focus on the lowest total cost of ownership hence the reason Eneraque has implemented the LED lighting tower upgrade program.

Eneraque has been designing and building lighting towers to the mining, construction, utilities and oil & gas industry since 1981. With the 35 years of experience we have had and the proven LED upgrades we have done, Eneraque is the right technological partner for you for the upgrading of existing fleet.

Why we do it:

  1. For ease of maintenance being extra low voltage
  2. Fuel cost savings
  3. Improved lighting performance
How we do it:
  1. Free site visit and inspection of existing plant
  2. Within 12 days after the site visit, provide a fixed price upgrade for each unit to be converted to LED
  3. Guaranteed 2 week turnaround per unit


What else can Eneraque offer:

  1. Condition assessment report on all parts including refurbishment, exchange or replacement
  2. Full lighting tower service
  3. Engine or alternator upgrades
  4. New, hire, hire to buy or exchange lighting towers
  5. Satellite telemetry system with fleet automation with full visibility from your current IT devices


Contact Eneraque 24/7 on 1800 636 744 or [email protected] today for a free site visit and quote.


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