Back-Up Power Generation For Data Centres

Non-stop power generation and supply is critical for operations for data centres, therefore power
shortages are not an option for a machine that never sleeps. Any interruption in service
including downtime and unavailability has a significant impact on the data centre business which
is why choosing a reliable back-up generator is crucial for operations.

Whether you’re using either N, N+1, 2N and 2N+1 there are 3 types of fuel that can be used in
data centre applications and they are diesel, biodiesel and natural gas. These various fuel types
have a number of advantages and disadvantages depending on the specific requirements for
your project and the environment of the facility.

At Eneraque, we understand the different variables at play and have the expertise and facilities
to ensure that you receive the best generator for your data centre. This is possible through our
ability to use any specific engine, alternator or control system brand for the projects we deliver.
We focus on ensuring the right combination of equipment is carefully chosen to guarantee
technical compliance, suitability and maintainability.

It is critical that your generator system is sized to support IT loads and balance of plant
requirements to enable the data centre to operate normally in the event of a power outage. At
Eneraque we can supply a generator system that is designed to support your data centre loads
which include but not limited to start up currents, power factors and step loads.

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