Maximise Return on your Assets with the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Faced with limited resources, busy schedules and cost-cutting requirements, many equipment users are now reviewing intelligent and alternate ways to reduce operational expenditure. 

As your complete solution, support and service team, Eneraque is passionate and aligned with your focus on the lowest total cost of ownership.

Give your equipment the treatment it deserves and be rewarded with greater productivity, less downtime and greater longevity for your equipment.

Happy engineers

At Eneraque, our advanced and sophisticated workshop facilities enables us to perform full engine, alternator, and auxiliary component overhauls, as well as complete equipment overhauls and rebuilds.

All our services are expertly performed in-house, so you can be confident in exceptional, comprehensive services.

What sets us apart is our ability to produce effective purpose built solutions. In addition to the unsurpassed after-sales service we offer on all of our equipment, we provide parts, ongoing operations and maintenance on ALL your equipment – including all units purchased and those not purchased from Eneraque.


"Eneraque has implemented the EnerCare program throughout all Eneraque facilities, where equipment can be sent to Eneraque to follow a proven process outlined for effective refurbishment. Eneraque can also offer rental equipment for the duration of this process if required."